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Friday, February 15, 2013


 I like to country cruise, much to my boyfriends dismay, and hijack various botanical samples / food / etc.  When he's willing to drive me about, listening to my constant botanical chatter, I find the most amazing things!  Last fall I snagged some HUGE puffball mushroom heads out of an old field.  I know, its not cool to steal mushrooms, but I am guilty!  

I'd never had them before last fall.  My sister and I used to kick them around when we were young.  They are in prime kicking form when they turn all brownish-green and powdery, but I had no idea you could ear them when they are young.  

RECIPE:  Prep is a snap!  Just peel off the outside thicker layer (if you want) I didn't do this step and they tasted just fine.  Then, soak em salt water for an hour if ya want.  Cube them and saute in butter with salt, pepper, and a little diced onion.  I thought they were awesome.  I tricked my kids into eating them and they thought they tasted like scrambled eggs (and they do).  I also added them to beef stew...really good stuff! 

I can't wait til spring!!  See next page for pictures  

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