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Monday, February 18, 2013

Lobelia Illegal to smoke! Proven effective as nicotine replacement to quit smoking, but banned anyway!

Lobelia is an herb or wildflower with many uses.  It's been used as a sedative, an antiasthmatic medication,  and used to help folks quit smoking.( Please see above link). I researched this chemical and found out it is illegal to smoke Lobelia for medicinal purposes since the early 1990's. 
Apparently, Lobelia contains a chemical that some say could be dangerous when smoked as a nicotine replacement and other government officials just think smoking any herb, despite it's therapeutic properties,  is simply blasphemous and should be outlawed immediately!  Personally, I can't see how smoking Lobelia could possibly be more dangerous than Chantix!  Nearly 3000 people reported mental status changes, psychosis, suicidal ideations, etc the first four years Chantix was on the market. And, its still on the market!!!!  Raking in millions! 
Lobeline is the medicinal chemical contained in Lobelia that decreases your desire for nicotine.  Lobelia Inflata (I believe) contains the highest content of lobeline.  It can be purchased commercially and grown in flower gardens.   The flower in the photograph above is  Lobelia Cardinalis which can also be purchased commercially for flower gardens as seems much more attractive to me.
  According to some sources Lobeline has shown promising outcomes in tumor therapies and methamphetamine withdrawl.  So, why is it illegal to smoke?  Maybe someone smoked 10 plants and then reported to herb as toxic?  If that's the case than why isn't poison ivy illegal to smoke??  It's not illegal to eat 10 quarter pounders in one sitting even though we know you will probably get sick ?  Why is it illegal to smoke an herb that has beneficial uses?  Of course, if you abuse ANY natural medicine or herb you may get sick, but why make it illegal to smoke??  Maybe someone has more insight to share? 

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